Formula or Faith?

Do we believe that we will be happy if we obey God… so that He will bless us with all the good things we want?  Are we trying to please God because of what He will give us?  Or are we obeying God because we love Him and know that He wants what’s best for us?

If we obey because we hope to get something we want from God, what happens when bad times come?  Won’t we get mad at God because He didn’t meet the expectations we had built up in our heads for Him to fulfill?  But if we obey out of a heart of love, knowing that He loves us and has our best interests in His heart, what happens when hard times come?  If we have a good understanding of His sovereignty, I think we will understand that the hard times have come to draw us closer to Him.

Are we trying live life through a formula to get what we want from God or are we living a life of faith that God is leading and directing for our good and His glory?

Is that enough questions for one day?


Thanks to Chip Ingram for His message “Is Your God Too Small?” for providing the basis for these thoughts!


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