Not Quite Minimalist : Project 333 Becomes Project 345

I did it. I actually went through my entire wardrobe (even my sock drawer!), inspired by Project 333.

Sock drawer

                      Neat and tidy socks!

This is what I didn’t need in my bedroom closet:

  • Bagged up 27 articles of clothing, 11 pairs of socks (6 were my husband’s, who actually had 9 more pairs than I did!), and 3 pairs of shoes for donation.
  • Sent 14 items of clothing to hang in the storage closet.
  • Packed away 26 pieces of clothing in a box for another season.
Bin of clothes

Clothing waiting for their turn in the closet.

Closet before 333

            Before Project 333

As I went through my stuff, several thoughts continued to run through my head:

Scarcity (I highly recommend this great post about scarcity, abundance, and wise donkeys):

  • But if I get rid of this shirt I don’t really like, I might need a shirt like this and I won’t have one.
  • What if I can’t afford to replace this item I don’t really like?
  • I paid more than $5 for this (which is a lot for me!). I should keep it.
  • Someone else paid more than $5 for this as a gift for me. I should keep it.

Conclusion: I have enough to wear that I can get rid of some things that are not quite right for me. If it’s not right, it’s not right, no matter where it came from. I also made a list of what would be helpful in my closet for this season so I can keep an eye out for a good deal.


  • Does this spark joy?
  • Does everything have to spark joy?
  • Is there a reason I have to be joyful about a white turtleneck?

Conclusion: Some items are more for utility than others, but I’m finding there is a difference in how much I enjoy even basic pieces. Some just feel, fit, or look better. As I shop for clothes in the future, this awareness will be important. I will be more selective about what I purchase, which saves money in the long run. I will know better what I will really wear and love, so I can be more confident purchasing high quality items that may cost a little more, but will last a long time and bring more joy.

33 Items:

  • Do I really have to have only 33?
  • I don’t think the purse should count… or the laptop bag… or the coats…. or the necklaces… or the scarves…
  • What about the things I wear only at Christmas (I don’t normally wear red, but I do at Christmas because it’s so festive).

Conclusion: I did make it down to 33 (I based my list loosely on the list here) but only if I don’t count necklaces, scarves, coats, or Cuddl Dud type undershirts (I confess to having a healthy fear of being cold). I tried to minimize those things, but if I count those items, it adds up to 45 items.

So Project 333 became Project 345 (3 months with 45 items).

Considering that I eliminated more than half of my wardrobe from my bedroom closet, I’m pretty pleased.

How do I feel?

I love the space in my closet.
I love that I can see everything all at once (I even hung up my turtlenecks which used to hang out in a box under my bed.)
Not everything in my closet sparks joy. And that’s okay for now.
I’m a little worried that I will get bored with my choices.
I’m keeping a few things in reserve in the storage closet just in case and for special occasions (like Christmas).
I’m finding fun new combinations that I wouldn’t have used before, such as a purple necklace with a cranberry colored shirt.

As I went through my clothes I realized how very much I have. When I saw that I have enough attire that I love (or at least like) to keep me clothed for the next three months, those pieces that I’ve been keeping because of my scarcity mentality were much easier to part with.

Closet after 333

              After Project 333

Sometimes we have to let go of what we secretly don’t really like for God to bless us with more than we can ask or think. And sometimes that blessing was right in front of our eyes all along. We just needed to clear the clutter to see it.


2 thoughts on “Not Quite Minimalist : Project 333 Becomes Project 345

  1. I am so proud of you for taking that leap. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to see all of your clothes and pick what you want to wear? Out of sight out of mind – those turtlenecks under the bed. I’m betting they will get worn more often because you can just reach in your closet and take one off the hanger. I have come to the conclusion the “scarcity mentality” is a lack of trust in God’s ability to provide for us – sin?


    • Thanks Teddi! I agree, when I’m focused on what I lack, I’m not trusting God. I may not think I deserve more and don’t enjoy what I have. Do we believe God is stingy or giving? When I’m seeking Him, I can ask for more, but if I don’t get it, I can trust that that’s for my best. He wants to bless, but He wants us to worship the Giver, not the gift.


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