What We Need When Attitudes Go Wrong

What's not wrong

We talked last week about how destructive self-criticism isn’t doing you any good. About how we often create and perpetuate the undesirable reality we are stuck in by how we talk to ourselves.

This week I’ve had a chance to test out that theory. Sure enough, destructive criticism isn’t helpful. It’s been a challenging week of short tempers and snippy attitudes from all the female members of the family (myself included).

Life isn’t neat and tidy, so there are a lot of  factors – fighting illness, lack of sleep, plain old selfishness, etc. But I keep coming back to one thing:

Am I focused on what’s going wrong or what is right and good?

When attitudes go south, it’s so easy to continue to spiral down into bitterness and self-righteousness. What we all need more of is grace.

Grace to forgive and ask forgiveness.

Grace to look past the undesirable behavior and to focus on the beautiful and good in the other person.

Grace to move toward the offending party in love.

This week, how will you focus on what is right and good? Who do you need to forgive, see the good in, and move toward in love?


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