How to Ruin Your Mother’s Day: Expectations vs. Expectancy


Let’s talk about expectations.

Whether it’s mother’s day or a fun event or just another weekend, we tend to have expectations of what we want to get out of the experience. We may not even think through or verbalize those expectations but they can be there nonetheless.

What happens when our experience doesn’t meet our expectations? It’s disappointing, depressing, and deflating.

I began to think about this as I approched an event I was looking forward to but didn’t want to be disappointed by my preconceived notions. As I discussed this with a friend, she said that her sister just expects that everything will be terrible and then she’s pleasantly surprised when it turns out well. And that is probably healthier than having high expectations dashed.

My friend also mentioned the importance of holding our expectations loosely in expectancy.

As I thought about the difference between expectations and expectancy it hit me:

Expectations are all about me and what I’ve decided I need to be happy. Expectancy is waiting for God to reveal His good plan for my day.

So this mother’s day, when the flowers your kids bought you are the wrong shade of pink, when meltdowns still happen at the dinner table, when you miss a nap because your daughter wants you to watch her on the trampoline, don’t let your expectations ruin your day. Hold your hopes loosely, look at the good that God has planned for that moment, and accept the invitation to enter into His joy.

Happy mother’s day!


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